'Benefits Both'

At Hola Beauty we don’t believe you should have to choose between:
  • …Looking beautiful on the outside or being beautiful on the inside…
  • …Inner beauty or outer beauty…
  • …Treating yourself or helping others…

When you make a donation through Hola Beauty, you take advantage of our unique ‘Benefits Both’ approach to charitable giving.

Here is how it works: Many charities provide stickers, plush animals, t-shirts, or other standard items of appreciation for your donations. However, often these items aren’t what we want and go unused; hiding in storage never to be seen again, or tossed in recycling and landfills.

Our SolutionAt Hola Beauty, we created a Benefits Both approach to charitable giving — you choose the jewelry, accessories, and beauty products that make you beautiful on the outside, and a percentage ranging from 10% to 100% of each order’s profits is donated to the charity you choose at no additional cost to you.

Your Benefits: You get to donate to the causes that matter to you, plus in return you get what you really want!

Not only does this make you happy, it helps the charity you choose to donate toward making others happy — AND shopping Hola Beauty makes for a happier planet Earth, with less t-shirts and stickers going into landfills. It’s a win-win approach to giving!

By offering our unique approach to giving back while allowing our customers to receive what they really like in return, we hope to better allow the charities we help to support, grow, and thrive.

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