Fashion is more than clothing, makeup and accessories. Fashion is how you intuitively feel you want to look. Listen to your instincts!

Sharon Tenney, a psychic in Santa Cruz, California, provides some tips for following your instincts. After all, fashion is all about how you feel, and feeling is everything!

“Everyone has psychic insights”Sharon Tenney, Psychic Medium

“Everyone has psychic insights,” she explains. “Sometimes we may feel uncomfortable following our inner voice, yet that may be the very thing we should do. Psychic intuition applies to all aspects of our lives — including something that people would think isn’t intuitive, such as fashion. Fashion is a very highly intuitive and psychic instinct. It’s that voice inside of you who says, ‘THAT’S the necklace that goes with my new dress. I just KNOW it is!’ It’s a feeling of “knowing.” That is what a psychic sense is, a sense of knowing what you feel is right!

People don’t often listen to their inner sixth sense, and that is a sense that is shouting out to you: “Buy this!!” You might think it’s all in your head, but actually, it’s all in your psyche, the part of your brain that engages intuition. You intuition grabs you by your mind, your gut and makes you want to turn right, when you think you should go left.

As you become more used to listening to your sixth sense, your inner psychic, you’ll become more aware of how your fashion sense is part of your sixth sense. Let it lead you onto your personal fashion path.

Sharon tells the experience she had while shopping on the island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean. She was browsing in a little store on top of a hillside overlooking the sea. No one else was in the store and the owner was in the back at the time, so Sharon was by herself. It was as she walked quietly through the store that she felt an immense pull. Literally, she felt as if some magnetic force was drawing her to the mannequin in front of her. Because of her developed psychic sense, but also being very logical, she tried to figure out what was happening. She looked around and no one was there. The shop was empty, but there were glass cases with jewelry and other items in them. However, it was the mannequin that drew her closer.

“I kept feeling this pulling sensation, and then suddenly someone I did not notice bumped into me.”Sharon Tenney, Psychic Medium

She walked around the shop a bit more, strolled past the female mannequin standing on a three-foot high pedestal, and again she felt a strong magnetic pull. “I had no idea what it was,” explained Sharon. “I kept feeling this pulling sensation, and then suddenly someone I did not notice bumped into me. I felt it was very rude that they did not even say ‘I’m sorry!’ I looked around for that rude person, and saw no one. The shop was still empty. I didn’t know what to think at the time, as I was just shopping.”

Because she was on vacation, she wasn’t thinking about psychic encounters. She looked around, and then suddenly she noticed the mannequin standing on the pedestal in front of her. As she drew closer she realized that the “pulling” sensation was coming from that mannequin! How could this be? And then…she noticed closely what the mannequin was wearing and realized what the pulling was.

No person had bumped into her. The mannequin woman was draped with hundreds of necklaces, earrings and bracelets all made with crystals! Her body, from head to toe, was literally covered with jewelry of every shape and size and they all contained crystals! Her clothing was made of crystals! That was when it literally hit Sharon: it was the force of the crystals which had reached out, embraced her and actually knocked into her body! Or more accurately, Sharon had knocked into the force field emanating from the mannequin! Check out her story on her blog:

You might wonder how in the world a bunch of quartz crystal jewelry could create such a strong forceful pull. There IS a logical explanation. You’ve probably seen on your watches “quartz” on it meaning that a quartz crystal is used to make your watch work. Yes, a crystal! These are very powerful pieces of “rock,” that actually help your watch keep accurate time! Check out the link below to find out how quartz watches work!

Although we don’t often consciously think about our own intuition or psychic sides of ourselves, they are there. You know how it is when you have a gut feeling that tells you something is safe or not safe; or how someone just attracts you in a way that feels other-worldly; or you feel compelled to travel to a certain city or are drawn to a certain school or place. Some of that is your own inner guidance leading you.

Learning to listen to that guidance, that intuition, that Sixth Sense can take a little time, but as you practice, keep a mental note of when things have turned out the way your gut feelings were telling you, then you will become more confident that you are following the right path for you.

The same for your fashion sense. I remember someone who quite a few years ago started to wear a different sock on each foot. How silly I thought that was. Yet, now it is a trend! She was far ahead of others, but it was her own fashion sense, her own instinct that said, “I like this and I think it’s cool!”

Listen to your Fashion Sense speaking to you. You’ll hear her voice as you browse through a crowded store and are immediately drawn to that platinum grey top with bright red beading. You know it’s not “the style” right now, but your gut is so telling you, “This is terrific, I love it, and I’m going to wear it!” Throwing fashion rules out the window, you grab that top and whenever you wear it, you get loads of compliments. Later, you notice that this kind of bright beading on platinum is suddenly in vogue! You can smile inside and know that you were way ahead of the fashion trends! Your inner voice just “knew” what would be popular and you were one of the first to start the trend!

Even if you’re not into psychics, or anything of that sort, recognize that there is still an instinctual inner voice that speaks to you. Listen to it more often. Fashion really is about instinct and feelings — feelings that say “This is very hip and cool!” and then let yourself be one of the trend setters.

Sometimes you just have to let your intuition be your guide! Let the Hola Beauty Team know about how your your psychic sense guided you into creating, wearing or designing a new fashion trend. We’ll even post your photo! Listening to your intuition can be like having your own fashion guru!! Here’s to being fashionably psychic!


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Psychic ability and intuition leads fashion trends. Find how Sharon Tenney, psychic, shows how your psychic instincts can create stylish fashion!

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