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Has it been one of those weeks? Lots of stress, work is overloaded, your sister started a fight over something you thought was simple, and your boyfriend is in a bad mood.

Are you thinking about that big chocolate bar, or going for ice cream? Tired and worn out and sleeping too much?

One thing about beauty, beauty loves a relaxed body! We at Hola Beauty know how difficult it is to get that relaxation time. It’s never easy to find. The key is to schedule it in.

Relaxation sounds like it should just come naturally but often it does not. We live in a hectic world with too many things to do, too many people demanding our attention, and too many responsibilities. What’s a person to do to get a little rest?

As corny as it sounds, relaxation must be “worked at” – it doesn’t just happen. That’s why scheduling in time to relax is very important for your beauty regimen.

There are simple things you can do that are free or cheap, and that work. Try to fit in a half an hour a day of getting away by yourself, taking quiet time, and time to think without distractions. Don’t expect to become a yogi overnight, or an expert at relaxing. Baby steps first, lovelies, because we really do know how difficult it can be to fit in relaxation time.

Remember, a relaxed body translates into relaxed facial lines and smoother skin. Your furrowed brow will relax, the tension around your eyes will begin to smooth, and your mood will start to elevate.  For just 30 short minutes a day, you will give your over-stressed body a chance to feel relaxation and your muscles and body will cooperate to create a more beautiful you.

Here are a few suggestions – things that the Hola Beauty team actually use!

  1. Take a short walk– 15-30 minutes will not only give your entire body exercise, but that exercise will help to relax your muscles. Relaxing your muscles throughout your body, also includes the muscles in your face where stress tends to show itself. Use ear buds and listen to your favorite music, and distract yourself by looking at scenery nearby.  Keep those feet moving and walk in rhythm to your own pace or to music you’re listening to. Do this once a day (if you can’t get it in once a day, make it a habit to do at least 3 days of walking).

If you live near a coast, like here in California, you can take in views of surfers. They can be pretty good on the eyes, too! It’s relaxing to breathe in the ocean air, and watching these hunks on the water can be a good distraction! Bring a snack and sit nearby while gazing at the ocean and listen to the sound of the surf. Listening to the waves in person is better than listening to a CD or playlist of ocean sounds. After 30 minutes, you may decide to stay another 30! Now go walk!


  1. Browse in a bookstore.You don’t have to buy a book, just browse through them. You’ll be surprised how quickly time passes.  Bookstores are great to just hang out in – people are generally quiet and often they’re doing the same thing as you: they’ve found a quiet spot where they can relax and just indulge in all the books around them.
  2. Walk in the woods!Many places have woods that are accessible nearby. You might have to drive a little way to get to the hiking trail, but being in the middle of the woods is surely one of the most healing and peaceful ways to enhance your beauty health.

In the woods there are wonderful smells of blooms, or depending on where you live, various trees that have soothing scents. You’ll find wild flowers, and pretty rocks, and even pieces of wood that have unusual and attractive shapes. You can start a collection of interesting pieces of bark, oddly shaped and colored rocks, and bring home a small bouquet of lovely wildflowers. Hiking trails in a wooded area are often so peaceful that you can immediately feel your stress level reducing.  Another great side effect is that you’re also getting exercise that keeps your blood flowing, helps to increase your muscle strength, and it’ll keep you in shape for that upcoming date!

California Redwood Parks


  1. If you have a deck or a quiet space in your home, a hot cup of tea is truly relaxing.  If you’re a coffee drinker, then get a great blend that you can drink to treat yourself.  Find a nice chair near a window, hunker down with a good book or just use that time to space out and totally relax. That’s what relaxation is all about – setting aside your thoughts and just focusing on what’s there at the moment – in this case, your hot cup of Earl Grey Tea or that cup of delicious coffee. Having a special tea cup and saucer, or your own coffee mug that you love makes that quiet moment all the more relaxing.
  2. Spring and Summer are on their way and along with it, lots of flowers to see and pick.  If you have a local arboretum, that’s a great place to spend a few hours exploring all the flowers and plants there.  Arboretums are often quiet and special places in which to relax. There’s a saying, “Stop and smell the roses,” but we say “Stop and smell any pretty flower!” Flowers are nature’s way of saying, “Hey, there are beautiful parts to life – come and gaze upon my beauty!” (At least that’s what we thought we heard the flowers saying!) We all know that flowers are a special gift because they are both beautiful and fragrant.  Treat yourself to some pretty flowers while out walking in your getting away from it mode.  Flowers automatically impart a feeling of love and relaxation. Walking through a nearby field with all those gorgeous wild flowers will give you a feeling of peace and relaxation.  Let Zen guide you to peace!

Lotus Flowers at Shinobazu Pond, Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan


  1. As your day is flowing into night, be sure to take the time to catch a sunset.You can see a gorgeous sunset from many places throughout your neighborhood.  Maybe your deck is a great place to see the sunset, or a quick walk down a street where you know the view is good. If you’re closer to the country, then you hit the jackpot and there will be lots of places to view your sunset. You’ll find your body soothing while watching the sun set and the sky change into various hues of blue, yellow, pink and gold.  It’s nature’s way of getting you ready to rest for the night.  And you’ll sleep soundly after your day of walking, hiking, smelling the roses, and watching a gorgeous sunset!


There are many simple ways to relax your mind and body. Remember, a relaxed body enhances a beautiful body. Don’t forget this crucial part about beauty health: relaxation!

You can do it! Just set the time aside, get started and make it a habit. Soon you will feel and look so good, that you’ll want to get out there every day to relax! Remember, beauty health takes time, and it can seem like sooo much work to have to relax, watch the ocean, walk in the fields or woods, or smelling the roses — but, hey, isn’t that all worth the price of Beauty Health!?!  Wink, wink — we know it’s actually fun to gain beauty health this way – so make your life fun and relaxing!  Hola to your Beauty!


Hola Beauty Blog’s simple beauty treatments through relaxation! Hiking the woods, walks on the beach, smelling flowers, and watching sunsets in California!

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